IDEA LEAGUE 2011 Research Award Winner

The IDEA League has awarded the 2011 Research Award  to Dr. Beverly Wical at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota.

This two-year $30,000 award was funded in honor of DEREK RUDAWSKY through the loving efforts of his parents, family and friends who organize and participate in the annual DEREK’S DASH.  100% of their donations goes directly to Dr. Wical’s study, not a single penny is taken out by the IDEA League.

Dr. Wical’s study, Verapamil as Adjunctive Seizure Therapy for Children with Dravet Syndrome, seeks to assess the efficacy of verapamil as an adjunctive therapy for improving seizure control (generalized tonic-clonic, secondarily generalized tonic-clonic, and clonic or hemiclonic) and to assess signs of dysautonomia before and after treatment.  Verapamil, a calcium channel blocking agent, may play a role altering autonomic tone abnormalities in children with Dravet Syndrome and may be a part of the mechanism that leads to improved seizure control.  This will serve as a pilot study for gathering data in hopes of extending and expanding positive results with the goal of leading to a larger, controlled trial.

Read more information at the IDEA League Website.

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